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Social Security Disability Attorney in Milford MI

Guiding individuals through a complex claims process

Most people pay into Social Security during their working years, with each year of employment adding to eligibility for benefits in the event of a long-term or permanent disability. Unfortunately, more than 60 percent of individuals can expect denial for an initial Social Security Disability (SSD) claim.

Retaining an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can help improve your odds, but the majority of claims must go through a multi-step appeals process to obtain approval. The Social Security Disability law firm of The Bolling Law Group, PLLC in Milford, MI has the detailed knowledge required to take a claim from initial filing, through the appeals process, and to federal court when needed to help protect your rights to benefits.

Understanding the SSD claims process

Every SSD claim goes through one or more steps of a complex process:

  • Initial claim: Disabled individuals must file a claim that provides detailed information about their work history and the nature of their disabilities. Any error or inadequate supporting documentation can result in a claim denial. Michigan claimants can use the forms provided by the Social Security Administration to file their own claims, but they generally have a better chance of acceptance by seeking the assistance of an SSD attorney to help complete the initial forms.
  • Hearing: You can appeal a denial by requesting a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. The hearing is like an informal courtroom trial. Having a lawyer with you can be very helpful.
  • Appeals Council review: If the judge denies your claim, you can request a review of the decision by the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, which reviews your medical records and makes a decision on your case. This represents the last level of appeal within the control of the Social Security Administration (SSA).
  • District Court: This last option allows you to take your case into the federal court system. This level requires representation by an attorney.
  • Overpayments & waivers: If you receive benefits to which the SSA feels you are not entitled, they will attempt to make you refund the overpayment. You have the option to file a waiver should you feel that you do not have to pay this amount. An experienced Social Security Disability attorney can help you file these waivers and fight the allegation of overpayment.

Milford SSD attorney Bryan Bolling has experience helping disabled clients navigate through the entire claims and appeal process.

Contact an experienced SSD law firm in Milford, Michigan

Retaining a Michigan SSD lawyer early in the process can increase your chance of success. The Bolling Law Group in Milford has the experience, legal knowledge and attention to detail needed to advise you and help ensure the SSA accepts your claim as quickly as possible. Call our firm at (248) 505-2737 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.


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