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Civil Law Attorney in Milford, Michigan

Representing clients through negotiated settlements or in court

Civil law cases typically involve conflicts between two or more parties. While the most common type of civil law cases involves personal injury, The Bolling Law Group, PLLC in Milford, Michigan has experience resolving different types of civil cases both in and out of court.

Civil law basics

General civil law attorneys represent clients who cannot resolve conflicts with other parties without legal assistance. Within the personal injury category, the most common type of conflict involves determining who pays for damages and injuries after an auto accident. But civil disputes also occur between owners of neighboring properties or between businesses and dissatisfied customers. People and businesses with any type of disagreement in Michigan can benefit from the skills of Milford attorney Bryan Bolling.

Michigan general civil law attorneys can help resolve civil matters in two ways:

  • Negotiated settlement: Conflicts do not necessarily have to go to court for resolution. For some personal injury cases, attorney Bryan Bolling may recommend filing insurance claims as a way to obtain fair settlement within a reasonable period of time. And while negotiated out-of-court settlements may require more time, they provide a way to pursue full compensation for accident victims when the costs of their injuries exceed insurance policy limits. Negotiated settlements also provide an excellent forum for resolving any type of disagreement without incurring the costs of a courtroom trial.
  • Courtroom litigation: Naturally, negotiations may not result in satisfactory resolution for a client. And juries often arrive at generous awards for individuals who suffer severe injuries due to the negligent acts of other parties. While these cases often take significantly longer and involve the stress of a courtroom trial in Michigan, civil law attorney Bryan Bolling has the litigation skills and track record needed to guide clients through litigation.

Contact an experienced Milford civil law attorney

You cannot always handle disagreements with other parties on your own, but civil law provides a legal forum for resolving conflicts in or out of court. While you can take advantage of such legal resources as the Michigan Law Websites (provided by the State Bar of Michigan), civil law lawyer Bryan Bolling has the experience, legal knowledge and attention to detail to explain your available legal options so you can make an informed decision. Call our firm at (248) 505-2737 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation to obtain the immediate support you need. The Bolling Law Group serves clients in Milford, Oakland County and surrounding communities in Michigan.


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